Common Pressure Washer Nozzle Issues

Loose your nozzle? Leaky wand tip? Weird spray pattern? Many pressure washer issues can stem from the nozzle. We’ve listed a few of the more common problems we see and have some tips on how to keep cleaning.

Lock Your Nozzle In


When inserting a nozzle into your pressure washer wand, you must make sure the collar is securely in place. Locking the quick connect will ensure your tip doesn’t fly out when you pull the trigger.

Many times, when you lose your nozzle, the o-ring will also take flight. When this happens, you might find the end of your want has some leakage.

O-Rings – Keep the Seal

Screen Shot 2022-07-20 at 2.54.03 PM

If you lose your o-ring, simply put a new one in the quick connect and then insert your nozzle, making sure to lock it down. This should take care of the leak and get you back to cleaning!

Losing Pressure – Check your Nozzle Size

Every machine has different requirements for nozzle size. When you use the wrong size nozzle, you can cause a loss of pressure making your machine less effective.

Finding the Correct Nozzle Size

Typically nozzle sizes are engraved on the nozzle body with five numbers. The first two numbers are the degree of nozzle 15 = 15º. The last two numbers are the size 50 = 5.0. Most sizes range from 30 to 60.


So a 15050 is a 15º 5.0 Nozzle. We have a chart below to help figure out the size your machine might need. You can also consult your manual or local dealer for assistance.


Click for a PDF

Debris In Your Nozzle

Screen Shot 2022-07-20 at 2.54.32 PM

It’s important to keep the tip and orifice clean. A small rock or piece of debris can cause irregular spray patterns. Periodically inspecting your nozzle tip can ensure you can maintain a consistent spray pattern.

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