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MODEL  420X4
Capacity*  3.7 GPM
Pressure*  2000 PSI
Pump  Triplex, Oil Bath, Belt Drive
Motor/Voltage**  5 HP, 230 V, 1 PH, Fuse for 30 Amp.
Coil (Steel Pipe) Cold Water Wrap, Spiral Heating Section 126’, Schedule 80
Burner, Pressure Atomizing, Auto Ignition, Fuel Consumption Kero, or #1 Diesel, 350,000 BTU, 2.50 GPH
Fuel Tank  Plastic, 8 Gal.
Stack Size  8”
Temp. Control  Optional
Chemical  Precise Metered
Float Tank  Stainless Steel
Steam Capacity (Optional) 120 GPH
Dimensions  L - 46” W - 31” H - 49”
Shipping Weight  545 lbs.

Xtreme models same specifications plus: • Schedule 80 coil • Stainless steel wrapper • Fuel solenoid • High-limit temperature control • Black color

Note: All 115 volt units have ground fault interrupters standard.
*Gallonages and pressure may vary - + 5% due to manufacturing tolerances in components. 
**Special voltages on request. Gallonages and pressure may be less on 3 phase current.
Also available ETL certified to UL 1776 standards and CSA-B140.11-M89.

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