Oil Fired Infrared Radiant Space Heaters

SFA150 Infrared Heater

Oil Fired (Diesel/Kerosene)

Electric Motor


Portable Radiant Heaters provide clean heat with no smoke or odor while burning diesel fuel. The radiant heating system allows you to heat an area and the objects surrounding the heater without being affected by wind or cold air. Radiant heat transfer occurs when the infrared light leaves the surface of the heater and travels to other cooler objects. Due to the disc on the radiant heater you achieve almost 100% efficiency of the fuel you put into your burner system.

infrared diesel fuel space heater

SFA150 Radiant Space Heater Features

Voltage115 v
Amp Requirement3 amps
Fuel Hours13 hours on High / 19 hours on Low
Fuel Tank Capacity
19 gal
BTU Rating150000 High / 130,000 Low Btu
Length35 in
Width29 in
Height41 in
Weight195 lbs

Electric 115V Standard Plug

Oil Fired / No flame / No Fumes

Portable with
Collapsible Handle

infrared diesel fuel space heater

14 gallon fuel tank

Anti-tilt safety switch

Two non-flat wheels

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