Detergents, Chemical, & Soap for Power Washers

Tough on Grime

Pressure Washer Detergent

Our industrial pressure washer chemical and detergents make protecting your equipment and tackling extreme cleaning projects a breeze. Give your pressure washer that extra punch to clear tough grease and grime while protecting vehicle exteriors, masonry, food processing equipment, and more. Alkota’s precise line of pressure washer detergent meets your most crucial cleaning needs in any industrial environment.

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Top Selling Detergent


Aluminum Brightener

Clean, brighten, and restore aluminum and stainless steel surfaces with aluminum brightener fluid for pressure washers.

Auto / Truck Wash

Powerful automobile and truck washing soaps for pressure washers. Designed to attack, penetrate, and remove road film and bugs.


Blast through extreme road grime with degreaser fluid for power washers. Powerful alkaline builders turn grease and soil into soap.


Detergents, degreasers, and multipurpose cleaners for pressure washers. Perfect for agricultural and industrial cleaning jobs.

Institution / Food Processing

Clear away oils, stains, and fats on food prep equipment and facility surfaces with power washing detergent by Alkota.

Masonry & Asphalt Products

Cleaning agents safe for brick, concrete, stucco, cement, asphalt, and more. Remove grime and oil stains while protecting masonry.

Parts Washer

Versatile parts washer detergents for grease and soil removal, corrosion resistance, and foam reduction.


Concentrated pressure washer detergents for cleaning houses, including metal, painted surfaces, concrete, and more.

Specialty - Additives

Additives for hot water pressure washers and water heaters to protect equipment and help prevent hard scale buildup on coils.

Specialty - Coatings

Water resistant coatings to make dull painted surfaces shine again. Create a protective layer on surfaces exposed to the elements.

Specialty - Aviation

Pressure washer detergents formulated specifically for cleaning aircraft exteriors, ground support equipment, floors, and walls.

Specialty - Transportation

Remove heavy soil and damaging salt residue from cars, snow plows, truck trailers, and more. Specialty detergents for pressure washers.

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