Portable Water Reclaim System

Vacuum Filtration System 8-VFS-1

Electric Motor

Portable or Skid

Portable Water Reclaim System – Protecting the environment from wash water runoff and complying with governmental storm drain regulations is simple, economical and effective with the Alkota Vacuum Filtration System (VFS). The VFS is designed to be used as a portable or stationary treatment system that guarantees results with ease of service while minimizing disposal cost. This automatic and easy to use zero or controlled discharge system has been uniquely designed to keep businesses operating without expensive filter cost, down time and additional manpower. The VFS can be equipped with a portable wheel kit for specific sight portability or with ease fit into pickup trucks, vans or onto trailers. The complete process utilized in the VFS portable water reclaim system is the first of its kind and the manner in which it operates is unique and proprietary to Alkota. The first two Phases of filtration operate and flow under a vacuum or negative void to enhance flow and extended filter life. With the support of your local Alkota dealer we can find the correct solution for you.

VFS Trailer
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Vacuum Filtration System Features

TypePortable, Stationary or Trailer Mount
Flow Capacity5-8* GPM
Voltage120 v
Weight330 lbs
Vacuum Filtration System Options
Vacuum Options Single / Dual Vacuum / *Dual Vacuum & Dual Pump Out / 12V Pump Out 115V Vacuum
Wheel Wheel Kit with Hose Rack
FiltersReplacement filter kits available upgrade
Upgrade KitUpgrade to dual vacuum from single

Small Compact Design

Discharge point of choice

Easy to maintain with minimal operational costs

vacuum filtration system for waste water

On-demand system with high volume performance

Trailer Mount or order with portable wheel kit

Reduces 99% of free petroleum hydrocarbons load

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