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No matter what industry you’re in, and whether you own a pressure washer or not, there are times when you flat out need more cleaning power than you've got.  For those times the rental of pressure washing equipment may be the answer.  Whether your need for a pressure washer be for a day, a week or a month a rental may be the most economical alternative.

Alkota distributors throughout the nation have rugged, professional grade Alkota pressure washers available to rent, whatever job you've got to tackle. Whether it's a mess big or small, count on an Alkota unit to deliver unmatched performance, ease of use and reliability. When you put an Alkota to work, you quickly learn what it’s like to go to work with the finest instrument in the trade. 

Let us know what you are cleaning and our team will make a recommendation and steer you to the closest distributor in your area. 

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