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These detergents are good for use in Institutional facilities and are powerfully effective and provide a safe cleaning experience. Effective in cleaning food surfaces.


Contains chlorine for added cleaning power. Cleans up greases, oils and carbon related soils. Safe to use on food preparation surfaces. Contains Scale Stop to protect machine systems from scale build up. Great for protein and fat removal. 

  • Ideal for: Bakeries, restaurants, packing plants, schools and hog confinements. 
  • Description: Clear liquid. 10% actives. Ships UPS 
  • Application: Upstream, downstream, pre-spray, hot or cold water.


For use in baked-on and carbon stained surfaces. Also works excellent as a paint stripper on tough paint stripping projects. Contains Scale Stop to protect machine systems from scale build-up. 

  • Ideal for: Bakeries, restaurants, packing plants and most hard-baked kitchen applications. 
  • Description: Brown liquid. 20% actives 
  • Application: Pre-spray, hot water.
  • Ships UPS (Finished Product Only)


is a consumer and industrial laundry detergent It is safe. Heavy duty and very free rinsing.  Ideal for: In cleaning uniforms of oil field clothing and for washing Sheets and clothing in nursing homes. It is very free rinsing And help reduce or prevent bed sores.

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