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For use with high pressure cleaning. Cleans and phosphatizes in one step. Very effective in removing oily type soils. Contains scale stop to protect machine systems from scale build up 

  • Ideal for: Steel, Iron, Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys 
  • Description: Clear liquid. 23% actives. Ships UPS (Finished Product Only) 
  • Application: Upstream, downstream, Hot water


Removes toughest grease, grime and carbon build-up found in industrial food environments. Also effective as a paint and powder coat stripper.

  • Ideal for: Hoods, deep fat fryers, grills, most restaurant equipment and peanut oils. (Not for use on cars, trucks, aluminum, painted surfaces or galvanized metals) 


Unique formulation containing no phosphates or chromates. 

  • Ideal for: Hardware scale, rust soap scum, mineral build up and coil cleaner 
  • Description: White powder, 100% actives 


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