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These products are dedicated for particular painted, aluminum, polished aluminum or metal surfaces. Our transportation specialty products are delicately balanced to power through vehicle grime. Rust and corrosion inhibitors are Accu-Blended to protect vehicle exteriors. Formulated for high pressure cleaning. May also be used in low pressure or as a pre-spray. You have a choice of application methods.


Heavy butly-blended detergent. Removes dirt, oil, grease and grime. Safe to use on food surfaces. Also safe on polished aluminum.

  • Ideal for: Pre-spray on tires, vinyl, metal, engines, wheels and metals.
  • Description: Green Liquid 18% Actives (Ships UPS)


Natural citrus degreaser. Dissolves grease, grime, road film and most industrial soils. Helps restore faded paint surfaces

  • Ideal for: Pre-spray for aluminum, stainless steel, metal, tires and engines. Glass, painted surfaces and polished aluminum.
  • Description: Blue Liquid 19% Actives
  • Ships UPS


Powerfully removes grease, grime, road film, dirt and oils. Penetrating foam and paint protectors leave a clean, shiny surface. Helps restore faded paint surfaces.

  • Ideal for: Cars, trucks, buses, polished aluminum, industrial equipment.
  • Description: Blue Liquid 19% Actives
  • Ships UPS


Heavy cleaning and degreasing. Effective wetting agent and solvent package attack difficult cleaning problems.

  • Ideal for: Metals, painted surfaces, plastics, most industrial cleaning.
  • Description: Purple Liquid 19% Actives
  • Ships UPS


Highly effective. Very economical. Tough on grease, grime, oils, resins, carbon deposits, rubber based soils. Contains rust protectants and complex wetting agents. Help restore faded paint surfaces.

  • Ideal for: Autos, RV’s, trucks, trailers
  • Description: Red Liquid 11% Actives
  • Ships UPS/ Finished product only


Safe for use in work areas and painted surfaces. Can be readily used in food process areas. Industrial purposes only.

  • Ideal for: Farm equipment, cars, oil fields, trucks, house siding.
  • Description: Blue Liquid 11% Actives
  • Ships UPS


Special blend of wetting agents and degreasing solvents removes toughest grease and grime problems. Safe on most food surfaces.

  • Ideal for: Painted surfaces, metals, stainless steel, industrial parts.
  • Description: Blue powder 100% Actives
  • Ships UPS


A powder detergent for use in car washes. Quickly penetrates grease, oils and dirt. Easy-rinse formula.

  • Ideal for: Cars, trucks, RV’s
  • Description: Blue powder 100% Actives (Ships UPS)


A powder detergent for use in car washes. Natural citrus additive quickly penetrates heavy grease, oils and dirt. Helps restore faded paint surfaces.

  • Ideal for: Farm equipment, Cars, RV’s, SUV’s
  • Description: Red powder 100% Actives (Ships UPS)


Industrial cleaner safe for use on stainless steel, aluminum, metals and painted surfaces. Safe on food surfaces.

  • Ideal for: Industrial equipment, heavy off-road equipment, tractors
  • Description: Clear liquid 17% Actives (Ships UPS)


100% active powder vehicle wash. Very effective, yet mild formula. Can be used for hand washing, detailing, automatic carwash system and pressure washers.

  • Ideal for: Fine painted surfaces, aluminum, polished aluminum, vehicle trim.
  • Description: White Powder 100% Actives (Ships UPS)


Powerful industrial cleaner. Not for use on fine auto finishes, polished aluminum, magnesium or galvanized metals.

  • Ideal for: Engines, fifth wheels, off-road equipment, construction equipment.
  • Description: Brown liquid 17% Actives
  • NOTE: Corrosive label product, NEED TO DILUTE


Powerful automobile and truck wash. Completely biodegradable. Designed to attack, penetrate and remove road film and bugs.

  • Ideal for: Cars, Trucks, painted and non-painted surfaces
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