Alkota Brand Hose Reel Now Available!

Alkota Hose Reel Now Available!

Hose reels are one of those accessories that can easily be taken for granted.

It’s easy enough to just pile up the extra length of hose on the ground or on top of your power washer, right?

We don’t think so. Our experience has taught us that a hose reel is a key accessory for your pressure washer, one that offers convenience, as well as prolonging the life of your hose.

Now, our team at Alkota is excited to announce that we carry an Alkota branded hose reel, compatible with all of our pressure washers.

Features of Our Alkota Hose Reel

While there are other hose reels on the market, none are made specifically for our pressure washers, and nearly all are produced in China. Our Alkota hose reel is made in the USA and designed specifically for our machines.

The hose reel is an add-on to your pressure washer purchase, and comes in two sizes.

The part numbers for the hose reel are ALK-CP10991 and ALK-CP1099. The 10991 version holds up to 100 feet of ⅜ inch inside diameter high pressure hose, and the 1099 version holds up to 250 feet of the same diameter hose.

The reel is produced with a black, crinkle finish, giving it a textured matte feel that assists in hiding dirt and scratches while still remaining easy to clean.

Additionally, each reel is internally fitted with SuperSwivel high pressure technology, rated up to 5000 PSI working pressure. (For a longer life, be sure to lubricate the reel periodically.)

Mounting Your Alkota Hose Reel

The Alkota hose reel is designed to mount right on the frame of many of our pressure washers, but the reel’s standard flat bottom can also be mounted to the bed of a truck, trailer, or flat plate.

For an additional cost, you can purchase a swivel bracket that attaches to the bottom with four bolts. 

The swivel bracket’s part number is ALK-FMK502, and it works with both sizes of the hose reel. Additionally, you can purchase a fixed bracket that doesn’t swivel (part number ALK-FMK500). 

Ultimately, adding an Alkota hose reel to your pressure washer purchase is a decision you won’t regret. Keep your worksite tidy and clean with Alkota!

Interested in purchasing an Alkota hose reel? Click below to find a distributer near you!

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