Pressure Washer Trailers

High Pressure Cleaning on the Move!

Custom Pressure Washer Trailers

With a trailer-mounted power washer, water tank, and hose reels, our pressure washer trailers are right at home in demanding industrial and commercial cleaning environments like oil fields, military bases, farms, and ranches. A welded tubular frame ensures durability, and our customization options allow versatile tailoring to specific cleaning needs.

These self-contained industrial cleaning machines for on-site maintenance let you to take your pressure washing equipment directly to your cleaning site, no matter how remote it might be or what services are available. Featuring DOT approved running lights with all wiring routed through the trailer frame to eliminate damage. All our pressure washer trailers are designed to complement hot or cold water power washers.

We understand the specific details of pressure washers and lock in on the particulars that you deal with every day to deliver the right industrial-grade power washer to keep your operation clean. If you’ve been disappointed by equipment from box stores that aren’t made to last and aren’t worth fixing, our pressure washers are the answer. We prioritize power and affordability so you can clean with power and not break your budget.

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20151 Single

single axel pressure washer trailer by Alkota

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