Hot Water Industrial Parts Washers

Automatic Part Cleaning with Alkota

Hot Water Part Washers

Industrial parts washers from Alkota make parts cleaning quick and easy. Our aqueous parts washers operate using hot water and biodegradable detergents, so you won’t need to use damaging solvents or aerosol cleaners. For a thorough clean in minutes, just place the parts on the washer’s turntable, close the door, and set the timer.

We understand the specific details of automatic parts washers and lock in on the particulars that you deal with every day to deliver the suitable industrial-grade power washer to get your parts clean. We prioritize power and affordability so you can clean with power and not break your budget.

Top Automatic Parts Washers


Automatic front load Parts Washer


roll back door- automatic parts washer

Compact Top Load Parts Washer

Turntable Diameter


Load Capacity

300 - 500 lb

Parts Washers – Top load parts washers are compact with an easy lift lid, great for smaller parts cleaning applications.

Parts Washer Front Load Swing Out

Turntable Diameter

26" - 48"

Load Capacity

500 - 2,000 lb

Parts washers by Alkota save you time and money cleaning your parts in just minutes. 

Parts Washer Front Load

Turntable Diameter

27" - 72"

Load Capacity

500 - 1,500 lb

Industrial parts cleaning machines by Alkota save you time and money cleaning your parts in just minutes.

Parts Washer Rollout Turntable / Roll Back Doors

Turntable Diameter

27" - 40"

Load Capacity

500 - 2,000 lb

Rollout turntable parts washer allows you to load from the front or the side of the turntable giving you more room to load larger parts without damage.

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