EFI vs. CARB: Why You Should Consider Upgrading

Pressure Washer Gas

As technology marches forward, we at Alkota always look for opportunities to improve our industrial pressure washing equipment for reliability, serviceability, efficiency, and more. At the heart of our systems is the motor. 

Recently we have begun favor installing engines using electronic fuel injection systems over engines using carbonated fuel systems. We realized EFI is not precisely groundbreaking tech (as it was invented in 1967). Still, the popularity and reliability of EFI on small engine systems are at a point that makes sense for Alkota’s machines. 

Why EFI? 

EFI takes the task of mixing fuel and oxygen ratios to precise amounts, whereas carburetors are only approximate ratios. With this precision, EFI can offer many benefits: 

  • EFI runs much more efficiently, using less fuel and saving on operating costs of the pressure washer. 
  • EFI sensors are always working to find the best fuel and air ratios, allowing the engine to be still running at peak performance, keeping you cleaning at full power.
  • Lower Emissions, EFI is more efficient on fuel, and it is burning cleaner as ratios are optimized. Less carbon footprint, same performance. 
  • Typically EFI equipped engines are around 25% more powerful than their carb-equipped counterparts. More power gives you more flexibility in your pressure washing needs. 

Points to Consider When Moving to EFI

While we have made it sound like EFI is the best thing since sliced bread (and it is), we also wanted to mention so things you should be aware of as you make the upgrade to an EFI-based industrial hot water pressure washer. 

  • The upfront cost is typically more. Now the money you’re going to save with the long-term fuel and efficiency gains should more than offset this initial investment. Typically machines save around 20% of the fuel vs. carbureted. 
  • EFI engines are more complicated. With more electrical components and sensors, if something does go wrong, repairing can be more difficult. On the other side, a trained Alkota service partner should be able to diagnose the issue quickly with onboard codes or errors to get you back up and running.

When choosing your next industrial hot water pressure washer, there is a good chance an EFI-equipped engine will be part of the package. Rest assured, this upgrade will serve you well, possibly even paying for itself in the long run. Following Alkota’s regular maintenance schedule will keep your machine running strong for years to come. 

If you have questions about our new EFI pressure washers, please contact your local Alkota dealer. We are happy to take your questions and address your concerns. 

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