35 Years of Continual Growth

35 Years of Continual Growth

Last month we celebrated 35 years since Alkota Manufacturing Company transitioned to Alkota Cleaning Systems, Inc. And in these last 35 years, in many ways not much has changed. But in other ways, everything has changed.

We’re constantly striving for improvement and ensuring our technology meets and exceeds industry standards.

But our commitment to problem solving and finding the perfect fit for our customers? That has never wavered.

As we celebrate this significant milestone in our history, we find ourselves reflecting on everything that makes Alkota an exceptional place to work and to work with.

Lasting Employee Relationships

We’re incredibly proud of our employee retention. Most of our team’s leadership has been with us for more than two decades, some over 30 years; and a few have been around for more than four decades, dating back to the Alkota Manufacturing days.

That dedication and commitment is no accident.

Our employees are unrivaled in their competence, expertise, loyalty, and overall willingness to help others—whether a customer or their fellow employees. They are masters of their trade.

Because of this, everything we do starts with devotion and care for our people. They have an unrivaled ability to solve problems and create solutions as durable as the commitment they bring to work every day.


Without a strong team, we simply couldn’t have made it this far.

Our goal is, and always has been, to solve puzzles for our clients. And to do that, you need two things: people and technology. We’ve already covered our amazing team, so let’s take a moment to talk technology. 

High Quality Products

At our outset (pre-1983) we designed quality cleaning equipment, and business flourished. Our distribution reached across the United States and Europe, and we were known for quality equipment at a fair price. 

When we were sold and restructured in 1983, our line of products expanded to become a much larger share of the industrial cleaning equipment market. 

We’ve attracted some of the best distributors in the industry, and those relationships and expansions are only growing.

As a company’s scope grows, it can be easy to let aspects of the business slip. Quality often decreases as quantity increases. But at Alkota, quality is non-negotiable. We will continue to build strong, simple, high-quality equipment, as long as the market demands it. And, as long as surfaces attract dirt and grime, we’re pretty sure we’ll have a market to serve.

Now, don’t get us wrong. We’ve been around for 35 years, and we credit that to consistency in staffing and quality, but that doesn’t mean we’re change-averse.

pull-quote-alkota (1)

75 percent of our projects involve some level of customization. We’ve designed and produced new and innovative solutions from the ground up, just to meet the needs of individual customers.

But in addition to that custom work, we also stay on top of the market. Pressure washers have been growing in popularity of the last few years, but the trend indicates environmentally conscious users.

If we want to serve our market, we have to adapt our products based on their wishes.

That’s why we’ve developed more efficient combustion systems, in order to clean effectively while using less fuel, by utilizing even higher pressure.

We’re working on heating systems that reduce air pollution, as well as systems to conserve and reuse water in our machines.

If we weren’t open to change and innovation, we’d already be out of business.

No matter your issue, our team at Alkota Cleaning Systems is ready to tackle the problem, create an innovative solution, and provide or develop a product that will truly be the perfect fit.

It’s what we’ve been doing for the last 35 years, and we’re grateful for the opportunity to continue serving you.

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