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We have many excellent partners here at Alkota, today we’d like to introduce you to Bob Craft of RN Craft Inc, selling pressure washers in South Portland Maine.

Bob has been around Alkota since he was 13 years old, and has a wealth of knowledge and experience.

The Start

bob-craft-seniorIn 1972 Bob’s father started RN Craft Inc. After a few years in the cleaning industry, mainly contract truck cleaning, it became clear there would be more advantage in selling equipment. So the partnership with Alkota as a distributor began.

RN Craft’s primary customers are in the logging and paper mills, and since South Portland is right on the waterfront, the fishing industry is also a big user of hot pressure washers.

Loggers use hot water pressure washers to keep their equipment clean, and clean equipment is safe equipment, “Everything from washing off leaks, to cleaning out radiators, all help reduce the risk of fire.” comments Bob.

Hot water pressure washers used in the paper mills are for general maintenance and keep things running smoothly.

It’s a Family

bob-craftSince Bob was only 13 when he joined the Alkota family, he has fostered some great relationships. “Alkota is not a company; it is a family. We have many friends that are Alkota distributors, all over the country,” says Bob.

When asked what Bob enjoys most about working with Alkota, he jumps right back into the family feeling. “I love the personability of Alkota; everyone is friends, working together. It is a huge family, we share success, and failures, we are big on sharing ideas and helping each other out” notes Bob.

“When I call Alkota I get a person, this is huge. Some days things go wrong, and you need help you can count on, they get to work to help you rectify the problem. Great group of people to have behind your product.”

When asked what advice he would have for someone looking to carry Alkota products, Bob says. “The regional sales managers are behind you 110%. We do shows together; they help train my staff; they do everything they can to make you prosper.”

Meeting Customer Needs

“We sell a lot of 110 and 220-volt hot water pressure washers and gas engine units on pressure washer trailers,” says Bob. “It comes down to what a customer needs and wants. I make sure the machine will meet the needs of the customer, I don’t oversell the product, and my customers enjoy that honesty. Honest products at an honest price create customers for life”.

When asked what he tells his customers when considering an Alkota pressure washer, Bob says, “you need to look at the company, with Alkota you get it all, loyalty, simplicity, and reliability. I get approached by other brands often, and nothing ever compares to Alkota.”

Also, many customers choose and stick with RN Craft because of their service after the sale. “We have a full-time service department and service truck. Where there when you need us.”

The Motivation

craft-inc-race-carWhen Bob isn’t busy selling and educating clients about Alkota machines, you can usually find him with his family. “They are why I do what I do.” Bob’s been blessed with 35 years of marriage to his wife Shelly; they have four children and five grandchildren. “My world is my grandkids; I am very active in their activities.”

Saturday nights you can find Bob on the track racing. “Saturday nights are race night, we won the championship in 2018, looking to repeat this year!” exclaims Bob.

When summer rolls around, Bob and Shelly are at the lake, Friday afternoon through the weekend. “We have a cabin cruiser on we live on all summer,” says Bob.

If you’re looking for a pressure washer in the South Portland Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire area R.N Craft would love to help you out. You can visit their site here or give them a call at 207-772-3600.

Looking for a family? We are always looking for new distributors to join the Alkota team. If you’re interested, please email us at [email protected] to start the conversation.

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