Alkota Ditributor Spotlight: Meet Steam Cleaners inc

Alkota Distributor CaliforniaSteam Cleaners Inc has been operating in Fresno, California, for over 50 years. With a history of being family-owned and run, the partnership with Alkota has been fruitful.

“With the family focus and strong relationships; it is hard to beat.”

We had the pleasure of catching up with Byron Lafferty. You may know Dave Johnson. Dave has been involved in the company for the last 35+ years and has run operations since the early 2000s. Dave is transitioning and looking towards retirement, and Byron, his son-in-law, is learning and taking over the day-to-day. 

Steam Cleaners Inc was founded in 1961 by a family in Fresno, California. In the early eighties, Dave’s father, Ron, purchased the company. “We primarily serve from Modesto down to northern Los Angeles,” says Byron. 

“Our main customers are typically in the Ag business.” California grows a wide variety of crops, and the need to keep equipment clean and up and running is critical. “From dairy farms, to Almond groves, and raisin farms, we have customers all over the spectrum of Ag,” says Byron. 

“We also work with a lot of manufacturing, mostly food and sanitation.” Alkota hot water pressure washers are the go-to when customers need a reliable, clean up tool. With all the food getting moved around, Steam Cleaners Inc also works on supplying the local truck washes. 

Reliable, Quality with Service to Back You Up. 

When asked why Alkota? Byron dove right in. “Alkota hot water pressure washers and steam cleaners are the most reliable pressure washers you can get. Quality off the line is great. Alkota stands behind their product, taking care of the customer if there is an issue,” said Byron. 

“The ability to customize equipment is also a plus. Many manufacturers don’t offer this, but Alkota always jumps at the opportunity to custom design a machine,” states Byron. 

If your machine ever does have an issue, Alkota can fix it. “Alkota’s machines are incredibly serviceable; our team has the experience and tools to keep you up and running.”  

Wastewater Recycling 

“The water reclamation tools Alkota have are great!” California with persistent droughts, has rigorous water use and conservation regulations. If not followed, these rules can cost farmers thousands of dollars in fines a year. “We have installed hundreds of wastewater reclamation systems, and it has been very successful.” 

Helping a customer save water and avoid fees and penalties; it is a win-win situation. Plus, the bonus of being good for the environment. 

Tips and Advice for buying Hot water or steam pressure washer? 

“Make sure you can get parts and services, and make sure the company has a great reputation. Alkota checks all these boxes.” 

“You get what you pay for, buying quality with guaranteed service is hard to beat!” exclaims Byron. 

Family Time

When Dave and Byron do get some time away from the business, it’s family time. 

Byron stays busy with his two young kids.

Dave enjoys time with his grandchildren and also time volunteering with the Shriners Hospital. 

Community outreach is significant in our family and business. Shriners Hospital is a great organization, and we are proud to be involved. 

Getting In Touch 

If you are located between Northern LA and Modesto and require a hot water pressure washer, steam pressure washer, custom pressure washer trailer, or anything else in the pressure washer world, don’t hesitate to reach out to Steam Cleaners Inc, in Fresno. Dave and Byron are looking forward to helping out.

Email Byron at: [email protected]

Toll Free Call: 1-800-648-1118

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