Alkota Steam & Trench-less Pipe Repair: A New Solution

Steam Cleaner Pipe RepairAlkota’s line of equipment tends to find new uses every year with new technology and innovations. One current and fairly new technology is trench-less pipe repair. The use of Alkota steam equipment in the curing process is vital to this innovative success.

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Old sewer pipes giving you a hard time? Expense of digging up and replacing the  old pipes cost prohibitive? Enter the world of trench-less piping repair.

What is Trench-less sewer repair?

Trench-less sewer repair is a less invasive option to repairing common sewer line problems than traditional sewer repair. Trench-less sewer repair accomplishes all of what can be done traditionally, without the need to dig a large area. It can be performed underneath existing structures without disturbing them. This method is greener than traditional sewer repair methods, since it reuses pipes that are already in the ground, instead of creating waste and excess fill dirt that has to be discarded.

How does it work?

Old pipes are inspected via a camera wire that is fed through the pipe, to ensure Trench-less repair is the right solution.

Old pipes are cleaned out using a hydro-jetter pressure washer to remove the debris.

Old pipes diameter, depth and length are measured. Liner and calibrated tube of the felt inner tube, is cut on the job site.

It is a resin-saturated liner felt tube, made of polyester, fiberglass cloth, or any other suitable material for resin implantation.

Resin is measured and mixed to the measurements required to make the pipe. Once mixed, it is poured into the liner.

The liner gets “wet out”, which means rolled out several times through a machine to coat the resin into the liner.

The liner is loaded into an Inverter, which is used to blow the liner into the pipe.

The liner is then inserted into the existing old pipes, using directional hoses and inversion heads. This helps to ensure there is proper insertion of the pipe.

The liner is then inverted inside out with pressurized air, to allow the resin to bond with the old pipe. The calibration tube that holds the resin, balloons to keep the liner in place while curing.

Once the liner is cured by steam, the calibration tube is removed and is ready for service.

Is Trench-less repair for you?

Trench-less repair is a great option that doesn’t require excavation and heavy construction. It’s an intrusion of the pipe itself, and a repair using those pipes by replacing it with a resin liner that is effective. Hence why it is called Trench-less pipe repair.

Want to know more about Trench-less pipe repair? Check out the video below:

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