Pressure Washer Wash BayThe way you use your space can change. Now your walls can, too.

Separating areas in your facility is often the overlooked opportunity to boost productivity & profitability for your business. Industrial curtain walls eliminate the spread of dust, contaminants, overspray, and more. Partitioning your open areas for each specific task at hand increases organization & efficiency. Alkota Curtain Walls are designed to make space separation easy, providing the changeable alternative to permanent construction.

Separate work areas to increase productivity.

Whether you’re separating work areas, or building a complete 4-sided area, our curtains are custom made and attach together with velcro to maintain complete space separation.

Wash Bay Alkota

Pick flexible curtain walls over permanentconstruction.

Constructing walls in a facility is expensive and time consuming, leaving you with a permanent structure that can’t adapt to changing processes. Curtain Walls have been increasing efficiency of spaces for the last 30 years, allowing walls to move where current tasks need them.

Flexible design made custom for your facility.

Supported by our modular track, our curtain wall systems can be reconfigured or added to later to continue optimizing your space, even as your business and processes change.

Mounting hardware is also available for increased flexibility & efficiency.

Alkota Curtain Walls come delivered with pre-configured track to fit your dimensions & layout, with the ability to be reconfigured as needed, providing smooth, easy movement of all curtain systems for years to come.

  • Track & hardware is built with durable heavy-duty 16 gauge galvanized steel.
  • Track & connector system allows for multiple mounting methods including suspended from the ceiling, face mounted on the wall, and floor supported.

A better fit than permanent walls:

Curtain walls go where traditional walls can’t, giving you the power to place walls where needed, open up spaces on demand, create instant partitions against dust, overspray, or sparks & debris. Maximize employee satisfaction, and your bottom line. Your space can be however big or small you need it, every time.

What you need, where you need it.

Wash Bay Alkota

Alkota Curtain Walls are manufactured in the USA. Our curtain wall system can be made up to 100’ high in any width, and come standard with these premium features:

  1. 2” industrial strength velcro sewn in edges provide a tight seal to adjacent curtain walls.
  2. Upper curtain panel provides a barrier between your spaces for the remainder of the height.
  3. All seams are double lock stitched, maximizing the durability of your industrial curtain wall.
  4. Clear window section maximizes lighting and visibility for safety on both sides of the curtain.
  5. Lower curtain panel provides a barrier from window down to your floor to separate areas.
  6. Chain weight sewn in lower pocket keeps your curtain wall securely positioned and stable.

Wash bay curtin features Alkota

Wash Bay Curtain Size

Alkota Wash Bay

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