Alkota Water Conservation System Makes California Company Industry Leader


Sustainability is a major issue in today’s world, and when you’re part of an industry that uses a lot of water, environmentally-friendly solutions are crucial.

Alkota’s Portable Recycle System (VFS) is the first of its kind, and its functions are unique in the industry. 

Providing Customers with Environmentally-Friendly Solutions

Recently, we came across a client on Twitter, Matrixx Supplies and Multi-services, who had purchased our Portable Recycle System and was praising it for its ability to tackle large cleaning projects, without wasting large amounts of water.

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We hopped on the phone with Jose from Matrixx, all the way from California, to chat about his company’s experience with the system. 

Matrixx has been around since 1996, and recently expanded their services from auto detailing and carpet cleaning, to tackle cleaning, detailing, and reconditioning jobs of all sorts. They’ll cover anything from carpet cleaning in private homes, to cleaning commercial jets and airliners. 

As you can imagine, this type of business requires a lot of water. Conserving water is always an important goal, but in California, where drought is often an issue, it’s even more important. The current situation with wildfires in California makes it all the more critical. 

According to Jose, several cities in California—La Puente, West Covina, and Baldwin Park—cancelled their contracts with Matrixx about two years ago, because they simply couldn’t allow the water usage. 

To combat the issue, Matrixx sought out water conservation units. They discovered our (VFS) Vacuum Filtration System via one of our distributors. 

“We tried the system out, and we adapted it in order to move it in our trailer, and we were able to use it,” said Jose. “People were impressed.”

As of Jose’s last research, no one else in California was using a similar system. 

“It’s very important to conserve water,” he said. “We’re very rapidly losing the fresh water that we have, and we’re going to miss it when it’s gone.”

The response to their work with the Alkota water conservation system has been overwhelmingly positive. Matrixx has seen an increase in customers, and people have called in to say they’re letting their previous contracts go, because they want the ability to conserve the water.

The Portable Recycle System can be used to clean with water, clean up water damage, and of course, reuse water to rinse vehicles and other equipment. 

“We use the water over and over in those first stages, and we’re saving money on water bills as well,” said Jose. “There are other machines out there, but none that we’ve liked as well as the Alkota machine.”

And, he added, “It doesn’t get any better than American-made.”

Interested in purchasing a Portable Recycle System for your company? Find a distributor below.

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