Cold Water Belt Drive Industrial Pressure Washer Line

We recently introduced our new line of belt-drive industrial cold water pressure washers. These versatile units are compact, simple, and easy to maintain and come in multiple configurations, a portable 4-wheel cart, floor mount, wall mount or customer-provided base option. On top of that, these units can match your needs for GPM and PSI.

Endless Applications for Our BD Industrial Series

BD-industrial-interior photoManufacturing

This industrial-grade cold water pressure washer is right at home in manufacturing facilities; the ability to cart the washer to any areas or equipment you need cleaned is quick and painless. Just add water and power, and you’re up and running.

Food Processing and Restaurants

Utilizing this belt drive pressure washer in a food base atmosphere adds a new efficiency level to the cleaning regimen. Whether you are cleaning up processing equipment, sanitizing and rinsing tanks, or washing down flooring, this unit has the portability and capacity to help you get back to food prep!

Farm, Ag, and Veterinarian Clinics

Farm and ag settings can be some of the messiest locations around. But, whether raising livestock or focusing on grain production, you’ll quickly find endless options for putting this equipment to work. Large animal vets will love being able to clean up quickly and get ready for the next patient.

ALK-BDI-1221-BD INDUSTRIAL SERIESTrucking and Automotive

From big rig repair shops to the local automotive mechanic, having access to an efficient yet powerful cold water pressure washer will significantly benefit you and your customers. Quickly cleaning parts and equipment will allow you to make repairs quicker, helping your bottom line.

Fire stations and maintenance departments

City governments and municipalities typically don’t have the luxury of buying new equipment every few years, so taking care of what you’ve got is vital. Quick access to a wall-mounted unit will allow you to set up dedicated wash bays or keep on-demand cleaning options at your fingertips. Keeping that equipment clean means longer life and a balanced budget.

Why Choose Alkota for your Cold Pressure Washer Needs?

Alkota has been designing and manufacturing industrial-use pressure washers since the 60s. Our attention to detail and engineering focus on simple solutions for all your cleaning needs results in equipment you can buy once. When you buy an Alkota pressure washer, you’re purchasing USA quality and longevity. It’s an investment in the future of your operation.


More Specifications and Custom Options

BD-industrial-cart-optionsAll of our BD Industrial Series pressure washers include:

  • Options from 2.0 GPM @ 1600 PSI up to 5.0 GPM @ 3000 PSI
  • Auto Stop/Start with the complete shutdown.
  • Belt Drive Ceramic Plunger Pump
  • External Mount Unloader
  • Lighted Push Button Switch
  • Shut Off Gun w/Variable Pressure Wand
  • Down Stream Injector
  • Smart Timer (Auto On/Off) W/30 Second Timer Delay
  • Hour Meter
  • Three nozzles 15⁰, 25⁰ & 40⁰
  • Made in the USA with ISO certifications

BD-industrial-wall-mountThe BD series can also be outfitted with the following options:

  • 230 Volt Three Phase
  • 460 Volt Three Phase
  • Auto Shut Down Manual On/Off Adjustable Timer
  • 4 Wheel Cart w/ Casters
  • Float Tank w/High Pressure Soap
  • Wall Mount Kit
  • Stainless Steel Frame & Cover

To learn more about our BD Series or to order your machine, contact your local Alkota distributor today.


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