Faces of Alkota: Meet Terry Hulstein

Faces of Alkota-Terry-Hulstein

At Alkota, we believe each member of our team has a unique story and history with the company.

Many of our employees have been with us for decades, and their experience is invaluable.

Today we’re introducing you to Terry Hulstein, a supervisor who has been with Alkota for 41 years.

Hulstein Leads Assembly Line Crew with Patience, Expertise

As a lead assembly line supervisor and expert in the gas-fired pressure washer line, Terry Hulstein has years of experience that make him a valuable member of the Alkota team.

Born in Fort Atkinson, WI, Hulstein’s family later moved to Hawarden, IA where he grew up with two sisters and three brothers.

Hulstein has been with Alkota since 1978, after working at a plant in Hawarden that produced computer chips and coils.

“Terry is one in a million,” said Alkota’s front desk receptionist, Lynette van Wyk. “I can’t imagine how many of our current and past employees have been trained by him.”

With his 41 years of experience, Hulstein is one of Alkota’s most patient and knowledgeable employees.

“He’s so generous with his time and everything else he has,” said van Wyk. “He has the biggest heart.”

According to Alkota president, Scott Hansen, Hulstein is an expert when it comes to wiring.

“He’s got great attention to detail and a willingness to learn and adapt,” said Hansen.

Hulstein has seen plenty of change over his years with Alkota, and with the volume of custom built pressure washers that come through the assembly line, it’s crucial to be adaptable.

“It’s not cookie cutter assembly that Terry is dealing with every day,” said Hansen. “He’s doing standard equipment and unique wiring assemblies for our custom builds.”

Van Wyk echoes his talent for wiring the machines.

“It’s unbelievable,” she said. “He’s all self taught and can remember what he did twenty years ago to a certain special power washer. His guys just love him, he’s a very, very patient teacher.”

Hulstein has two children and six grandchildren, all in the Alcester or Sioux Falls area. When he’s not on the assembly line, he says he’s usually at home spending time with family.

“That’s pretty much all I do,” he said. “Home and the assembly line.”

Here at Alkota, we’re proud to have Hulstein on our team.

“He is very well respected and liked by his guys and the management,” said van Wyk. “The best part is that he doesn’t think he’s anything special–he’s very humble and would never toot his own horn. But Terry’s very special and everyone at Alkota knows it.”

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