Hot Water Pressure Washers – What Fuel Is Best?

Hot Water Pressure Washer Fuel
Ever wonder what type of fuel is best to run in your industrial hot water pressure washer?

This is one of those commonly asked questions when it comes to diesel fired hot water pressure washers. We’ll break it down by option so you can pick what will work best in your situation. 

First, what fuel options do you have?

If your new to hot water pressure washers, you may not realize you can burn more than just diesel fuel. Options also included kerosene, and home heating oil. Let’s break it down the options you have when it comes to heating up your water. 

Diesel Fired Hot Water Pressure Washers

diesel fueled hot water pressure washerThere are many sources of Diesel. Diesel fuel burns hotter than most, making it a great choice for fueling water for industrial e hot water pressure washers.
Diesel: this is the one you can get most commonly from the gas station pump. Be warned, it can be inconsistent depending on additives, sulfur, time of the year, etc. However, it is the easiest fuel to get.
Manufacturer Diesel: this is the recommended source for fuel. It is clean and pure, without the additives that can cause issues. However, it is more expensive and harder to come by.
Off Road Diesel: this is typically what farmers use. There is a difference with this type of fuel, as it is taxed differently. However, it is the cheapest option and not always the best for the machine. Again can be harder to source regularly.
Often times if you have a portable machine, we recommend diesel. It is generally easy to find, efficient and affordable.

Kerosene for Hot Water Power Washers

Another option you have available to use is Kerosene. While kerosene does not burn as hot (produces less BTUs than diesel) it does have some other great benefits. Kerosene performs much better in cold temperatures as it does not gel as easily as diesel. 
Kerosene is often less expensive than diesel. So filling up the tank won’t hurt the wallet as much. 
If you have easy access to kerosene, or tend to work in colder climates, running kerosene in your hot water pressure washer might be worth a try. 
Side Note: 
Common misconception: Some believe you can burn Kerosene in your shop. This is not true, this is very dangerous and cause death. Make sure if you are using kerosene, diesel or home heating oil, keep your machine outside and well ventilated!

Home Heating Oil for Hot Water Pressure Washers 

The third and arguable the best option is home heating oil or fuel. Home heating oil is safer for the environment as it burns cleaner and more efficient than diesel and kerosene. 

Home heating oil is also an affordable solution as it does not have a road tax applied like diesel fuels. 

The issue with home heating oil is it’s availability. It is often harder to source and come by. But if you can find a local provider, it might be worth using in your hot water pressure washer.


Sorry, this is not even an option for heating water. Please don’t use gas to fire your burner. 

Summing Up Fuel Options for your Hot Water Pressure Washer 

While some fuels are easier to get ahold of than others, it may be worth your time to seek out other options to try with your hot water pressure washer. Each person needs to weigh the pros and cons, sometimes paying more for fuel makes sense for convenience, other times running costs may be a bigger consideration. 

If you have more questions about what type of fuel or machine is right for your needs, we encourage you to reach out to one of our friendly Alkota Distributors today. They have the know-how and experience to get you setup right.
If you are in the hunt for a new hot water pressure washer machine or heater, contact a distributor near you.
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