The Alkota Hot Tub

You work hard; life’s not easy these days, and you need something to look forward to after a productive day. Now, you can daydream about relaxing evenings with your NEW Alkota Hot Tub. 

Customizable to your needs, you can melt stress away with options of 40, 25, 15, 0, and rotary massaging jets, mix and match for an exhilarating soak. Switch to the soap jets for a bubble bath you will never forget. With adjustable temperatures up to 200 degrees, a few seconds in your Alkota hot tub will change your outlook on the day. 

Do you already have an Alkota Hot Water Pressure Washer? We will soon roll out an adapter that allows you to turn any watertight vessel into your private spa getaway. From old bathtubs and 55-gallon barrels to hollowed-out tree trunks or the kid’s old inflatable pool, the relaxing oasis only Alkota can provide is within reach. 

Act now and receive two hot tubs for the price of one. We need to free up room in the warehouse, and our loss is your gain. Act now; seriously, please act soon.

Contact us today to order your Alkota hot tub; please don’t delay; our lawyers will be shutting this down very soon.

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