K.I.S.S. Since 1964

hot water pressure washeringWhen it comes to commercial cleaning equipment, you’ll need help finding another company with the success and consistency of Alkota Cleaning Systems. Since 1964 Alkota has been engineering, designing, developing, and improving commercial cleaning equipment to tackle the toughest messes on planet earth.

Over the years, Alkota has earned a reputation for durability and ease of maintenance, but this didn’t happen by accident. Our creative engineering department has earned a distinguished position as a leader in custom pressure washers for all use cases and needs.

Alkota has developed and perfected pressure washing technology that allows for the highest pressures, volumes, and temperatures, giving our users the best cleaning performance while maintaining efficiency.

Our Engineering Philosophy

dependable pressure washersOur team loves the KISS methodology. KISS stands for: Keep it simple, stupid. While this may generate a chuckle to those new to the phrase, the truth is, applying KISS to our machines produces designs and systems that are simple and reliable and often results in equipment you can count on to get the job done all day, every day.

In keeping with KISS, Alkota takes a lot of pride in the fact you can easily save your machines maintained and make repairs with easy-to-source parts and hardware. From the oil fields up north to the unceasing winter in Antarctica (yeah, we’ve got equipment there), Alkota is in it for the long haul.

In the throw-away culture we’ve become, Alkota has gone against the grain by continuing to offer bulletproof solutions that can last you a lifetime with the proper care.

Our Company Philosophy

Alkota was founded with the belief that if you treat your customers and employees right, the rest will follow. This philosophy has stood the test of time and is still at the heart of Alkota’s company culture today.

Our investment in employee training and education allows us to offer the support and after-sales care you deserve. We care about our customers and ensure we’ll be here with solutions if problems arise.

The phrase “Alkota is family” is often heard when talking with distributors, vendors, and customers, and it’s true. If you ever have the opportunity to visit our headquarters in Alcester, South Dakota, you’ll be welcomed with a smile and a hot cup of coffee.

alkota founders

Join Us

If you haven’t had the opportunity to ‘test-drive’ our equipment, we invite you to find your local Alkota distributor and see what ‘Alkota Clean’ means. We look forward to meeting and cleaning with you.

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