Pressure Washer With Auto-Start and Auto-Stop

pressure washers with auto start and auto stop

Alkota Pressure Washers are unique in many ways. Did you know that you can set your machine to automatically shut off with a timer? Did you know that you can make your Alkota Pressure Washer automatically start and stop with the squeeze and release of your trigger gun? If you need it done by Alkota, we can do it!

Smart Timer Shut Down 

Pressure Washer Pump Saving Timer Pressure Washer Vac Switch Pressure Washer Trigger Gun

The benefits and features of an auto stop/start Smart Timer unit gives you the ability to start/ stop the pressure washer at the squeeze of the trigger gun.  If your pressure washer is heavily used in a production area or people are constantly leaving the machine on, it can cause damage to the pump and other expensive components.  Auto-stop/start gives you the benefit of starting and stopping the machine automatically without damaging your investment.

Alkota makes the auto stop/start feature with a Smart Timer that will activate for 20 seconds after the trigger gun is released.  If the gun is not triggered within 20 seconds, the entire machine will shut off.  Our system also has a secondary adjustable timer with lockout which will time and lockout if left unattended from 5 to 90 minutes (depending on what the timer is set to).  Once the timer has locked out on the secondary timer, the only way to start the unit is to turn the machine off and back on with the machine on/off switch.

 This allows the operator to walk away from the machine and not worry about it turning back on.  Some issues of concern are leaks in the system such as bad O-rings, loose/ cracked fittings or a leaky trigger gun.  Either of these can turn the machine back on causing a constant cycle of stopping and starting.  The key to making this system work is to maintain your trigger gun and make sure you have no substantial leaks in the system.

Alkota Auto Shutdown Timer

Pressure Washer Timer  Pressure Washer Vacuum Switch

The Alkota Shutdown Timer helps to minimize damage on the pump and shuts the pressure washer down when left idle or non-use.  When a pump is left in bypass(idle) while the machine is running, the water in the head of the pump will recirculate and within a short period of time(3 to 5 minutes), the head of the pump will get hot to the touch(150° f + plus).  Constant overheating, over a short period of time, will cause extensive damage to the fluid end of the pump.  Hot water will cause overheating to the packings/water seals and eventually meltdown of the plastic check valves.  As the trigger gun is open, cooler water then enters the pump head causing thermal shock and cracking the ceramic plungers.

The Alkota Shutdown Timer takes the misuse out of your wash bay troubles.  By adding a countdown timer we set the timer to count down and shut off the machine after 3 minutes of nonuse/operation.  If the machine operator happens to pull the trigger within 3 minutes then the timer will restart its countdown process again.  If the pressure washer times out, the only way that the machine can startup is to restart or turn the switch on again.

If you are looking for parts for your pressure washer or are thinking of upgrading, consider Alkota. Find your local Alkota distributor today.

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