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Pressure Washer Detergents

Specialty Aviation

Pressure washer detergents tailored for aviation needs. Our specialty detergents are ideal for cleaning aircraft exteriors and ground support equipment (GSE). Safe for use on painted and unpainted surfaces, these products clear salt deposits, exhaust film, rubber marks, and more while being exceptionally easy to rinse off.

Specialty Aviation Products

AV Wash SD-953 is a readily biodegradable detergent formulated specifically as an aircraft exterior cleaner. AV Wash SD-953 is excellent as a cleaner for Ground Support Equipment (GSE), floors and walls. It can be diluted up to 50 to 1 with water. Safe on painted and unpainted surfaces. Ideal for cleaning salt coated surfaces, exhaust film, loose carbon, rubber marks, grease, fuel and hydraulic oil. AV Wash SD-953 is very free rinsing.

AV Wash Specs

Active Ingredients21%
pH 5% Solution11.5
Specific Gravity1.03
VOC 33 grams per liter
Red Liquid
Hazardous , Corrosive Label
Ozone & Smog
Does not carry ingredients that attack the earth’s ozone, or contribute to smog
Softening  Exclusive anti-scale system to
prevent scale coil clogging.
Freeze / Thaw Stable
Shelf Life Two years in a sealed container

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