The Top Ten Pressure Washer Accessories

We’ve compiled the ultimate Top Ten Pressure Accessories that are must haves for any pressure washer user! These are the top accessories to make your pressure washer perform at its peak. We hope you find something to make your life just a bit easier! Please comment below if you have a favorite accessory you use on your pressure washer.

Here they are, Alkota’s Top Ten Pressure Washer Accessories!

1. The Rotary Spray Nozzle

Roto nozzles are a great way to increase your cleaning effectiveness. A roto nozzle is a zero-degree nozzle that when put under pressure will start the tip spinning and give you a 25° spray pattern in a circular pattern. The key to this tip is to learn how to use it as well so that you know what kinds of surfaces to use it on. Although this tip will speed up the process it can also do damage if used improperly on the wrong types of surfaces. The roto tip works best to clean concrete or to de-mud something that has excessive dirt or grease.

Always test surfaces before using this tip. Also always start this tip in the downward position to keep from damaging the internal parts of the tip.

2. Water Broom

Water brooms are an accessory that you can add to any pressure washer. The water broom allows you to clean a large area with a spray bar and casters with nozzles. You ideally need a pressure washer that puts out 1000 to 4000 psi and 3 to 4 gpm. The water broom comes with a quarter-inch quick-disconnect plug and three or four fixed spray nozzles depending on the model. The water broom is ideal for cleaning concrete, black top, decks, patios & pool areas. If you’ve got a hard surface that needs frequent cleaning, this is the ultimate cleaning tool to eliminate soils, dirt & debris quickly.

3. Undercarriage Cleaners

Undercarriage cleaners get into those tough spots that you can’t reach with a regular pressure washer wand, such as the underside of a truck or trailer, the bottom of a boat, or the undercarriage of a car. The undercarriage cleaner is on casters or wheels and slides easily under vehicles. They are great for removing dirt and mud and salt and snow. An under carriage cleaner works well with a hot water pressure washer and cleans well with 4 to 5 gpm and up to 5,000 psi. We offer a wide variety of units from the very affordable to more in depth models that handle up to 4 nozzles on a rotating spray arm.

4. Flat Surface Cleaners

The Xtreme Flat Surface Cleaner is the perfect surface cleaner for any type of large surface areas or contractor work. The 360° castors guarantee an effortless cleaning experience. The Specialty Swiss engineered high RPM swivel also guarantees long lasting operation under the toughest of conditions. The Extreme Surface Cleaner has a spray arm with 2 1⁄4” nozzles that spin and provide 21”cleaning path with a uniform cleaning surfaces reducing water consumption and labor cost by 80%.

The Extreme Surface Cleaner will handle flow rates of 3 to 8 gpm and minimum pressures of 1500 psi to 4000 psi. It will handle up to 250°F and weighs 24lbs. Unit dimensions are: 28”L x 22”W x 37”T. (Part Number SC-FLOR520ALK)

5. The Foam Cannon

The Foam Cannon is the perfect tool that allows the perfect mixture of air, water and detergent to give you a thick foamy clinging soap to the surface of what you are cleaning. Foam Cannons work from 1.8 gpm to 6.6 gpm. Detergent goes out of the foamer at a lower pressure and rinses well under high pressure. Foam Cannons adapt to almost any pressure washer on the market. (Shown is our Part Number J06-00350 Foam Cannon)

6. Down Stream Injector

Down Stream Injectors are a geat way to apply detergent quickly and under low pressure. The Down Stream Injector applies everything after the pump. Injectors are generally sized to the pump that you have and are run by an oriface. You can also get an injector that is adjustable to pull more soap or less soap through the hose, gun and wand. Down Stream Injectors are also directional, which means there should be an arrow indicating which way the flow goes to make it draw detergents properly. You can also add quick couplers, longer or shorter 1⁄4” chemical pick up line and a check ball to stop the unit from back feeding out of the hose and filling your chemical source. (Part Number JA6-00246, 3 to 5 gpm Adjust Injector)

7. Dual Lance / Variable Pressure Wand Assembly

Dual Lance Wands are a great way to change how your pressure washer works for you. A variable pressure wand does exactly what it says. It will cut the pressure down to a gardenhose pressure with the twist of the side handle & delivers a lighter flushing spray versus the high pressure spray. It is also a great adder for the down stream injector & pulls the soap with a venturi action through the hose gun & wand only at a low pressure. This allows you to apply any detergents through a d.s.i. without having to change the nozzle. Once you have covered your targeted wash area, simply close the handle back up & go into rinse mode at high pressure. (Part Number J06-00152)

8. Fiberglass Telescoping Wand

Telescoping Wands are a great way to reach tough to get at spots such as roofs, windows, gables and awnings without having to get onto a ladder. Telescoping wands will extend out to 24 feet and are secured sections with either lever locks or twist locks to hold to the height that you desire to get to. The wand itself comes in sections from 6ft 6 inches to 18 ft. and reach out to 24 ft. The longer poles have an optional belt to help compensate for the overall length of the wand while you are washing. (The 24 ft Wand is a Part# J06-01195 & Optional Belt Part # J06-01196)

9. Gutter Cleaner

The Gutter Cleaner attachment makes it easy to clean the leaves and dirt from your gutters. It’s a simple quick connect accessory that you add to your wand or your telescoping pole. Inexpensive and dependable. Comes with a 1⁄4” plug and quick coupler for nozzles. (Part Number J06-01202)

10. Alkota Pivoting Hose Reel

Pivoting Hose Reels are a great way to organize and save on the wear and tear of expensive hoses. The 200 ft. hose reel comes complete with a hose guide and is a great accessory to store up to 200 feet of 3/8” hose. Hoses are expensive and a hose reel provides protection to your hoses. The reel is rated for up to 5,000 psi and a max temperature rating of 250°F.

Of course these are a just a handful of the accessories and options Alkota has available for industrial pressure washers. Consult your local dealer for details on anything in list above or anything else! We look forward to decking out your pressure washer.

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