Troubleshoot Flames From Your Hot Water Pressure Washer

 hot water pressure washer burner troubleshooting
Once in a while, or after long periods of use between regular maintenance, you may notice some flames coming out of your diesel commercial hot water pressure washer. No need to panic, but that shouldn’t happen.
If you see this issue flare up, we’re here to help you diagnose the problem.

Shooting Flames?

Flames coming out of your Hot Water Pressure Washer? Need solutions? Alkota has your back.
We asked our Alkota experts about these these burning questions, and below are some of the reasons your machine might be flaming.  As always make sure you contact your local Alkota dealer for advice and recommendations on your specific machine.

Air Flow Restriction.

If your coil is a “pancake” style, chances are the restriction of air flow is caused by build up. Soot can create a block, causing the unused fuel to burn hotter than it should be. If you are having this issue, clean off your coil.

Unburned fuel.

If your burner doesn’t ignite you can pump for more fuel into your combustion chamber. Careful though, sometimes extra fuel will cause a higher burning point and flames will erupt from your machine.
Hopefully these tips will help you find the and extinguish the problem!

Fun Fact:

Alkota’s proprietary coil design has a coil that has larger gaps to help prevent soot build up. Keeping you running smoother and longer.

Here at Alkota, all machines are made in the USA. We pride ourselves with reliable machines and equipment, as well as, dependable customer service.
Check our distributor page if you are on the hunt for an Alkota pressure washer.

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