Alkota Answers: Why Specific Industrial Pressure Washers for Specific Uses?

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Have you ever wondered, Why Alkota? What sets Alkota apart from the rest? Alkota is known as a leader in Industrial pressure washer equipment. Today, we’re here to discuss: why specific machines for specific uses?

Specific Pressure Washers for the Right Job

The importance of having a specific machine allows for efficiency and customization. There are also different applications for using Industrial high-pressure water, hot water, and steam. All these improve the cleaning, curing, heating needs.

For instance, Alkota manufactures specified units for heating Glycol. This Glycol flows through heating tubes inside oil tanker rail cars to help reduce the viscosity of the oil when unloading. This helps quicken the process. Another application is the use of steam to speed up the curing processes in jobs such as resin and inlining for trench-less technology. It also helps to cure resin on wood products as well. 

Importance of Specific Machines and Accessories

Having a machine designed for a specific need helps increase the progress of a job. Not having the right machine can lead clients to the status quo process: slow and inefficient. 

The accessories that Alkota dealers provide pair nicely with our machines to help you get the job done. One example is the Wet Sand Blaster. This accessory uses sand and water to remove paint and rust, providing a dustless environment.

Another accessory is the detergents that Alkota carries. All Alkota equipment includes detergent injection available either in low or high-pressure applicators. There are many types of detergents used for a variety of applications, such as:

CUSTOM Industrial Pressure Washer SOLUTIONS

Not sure we have the right machine to meet your needs? Alkota designs and develops custom machines in-house for our customers. Our custom machines are in use all over the world, from ice drills in Antarctica to specialized pressure washer trailers on the streets of Philadelphia. We have the solutions for your custom pressure washer needs. 


Alkota is more than just a manufacturer of cleaning equipment. We go further to find solutions to enhance the process of using temperature, water, and pressure to solve your cleaning needs.



If you are looking for maintenance, a new machine, or have a question about a specific need. Contact a local Alkota dealer near you today.

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