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There is just something inherently right about buying products made in your home country. The Made In the USA insignia has been sought after by consumers for ages and sometimes is the tipping point in a buying decision. But, as the world grows and tech and workforces change, keeping a U.S. homegrown product has become a challenge as price often drives consumers’ decisions. But there is still a lot to be said about the pride and satisfaction of buying a product made in the United States.

The Family


In 1964 Alkota Cleaning Systems was started in the Great Northern Plains of the United States in Alcester, South Dakota. With big dreams and old-school work ethics, Alkota has become one of the largest American-owned and operated industrial cleaning equipment manufacturers.

Alcester is a small town, and that small-town feel and community have become the center of the culture at Alkota. It doesn’t stop there. When you buy Alkota, you join our family, with real people answering the phone when you call. When you do need help or have a problem, you have access to the folks who engineered your machine. We stand behind our equipment 100%.

What it Means to Buy USA


Buying equipment designed and made in the USA has many benefits, but the residual effects also carry on. From helping create jobs to keeping your dollars in the U.S. when you buy Alkota, you support your country.

Every Alkota machine is hand-assembled in our South Dakota factory, and every step of the way, from raw materials to welding to paint to assembly to testing and shipping. We put a lot of pride into our equipment, and we know you will put it to the test, and we encourage you to!

Where to Buy


The Alkota family has grown far and wide, with over 200 Alkota distributors internationally; we’re proud of the family we’ve earned and gained over the years. You can only buy Alkota’s equipment through one of our authorized servicing distributors. Our tight-knit group of distributors are truly extensions of our home base; with Alkota-trained sales and technicians, we’re ready to serve you today with new equipment and, down the road, with maintenance and repair.

Thank You

To all our current Alkota customers and our future customers, folks like you are helping keep the dream alive and well. Without our loyal customers, there is no Alkota. Thank you for buying Alkota and American Made.

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