Alkota Service School – How We Keep You Up and Running

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“It’s Broken” are the last two words you don’t want to mutter when you have a job to do. We know how important it is to make sure your equipment is running smoothly and ready when you need it. Downtime is lost money and opportunities. 

Alkota machines are pretty dang reliable, but that doesn’t mean we don’t see a breakdown from time to time. 

We believe the best course of action is prevention and regular maintenance, but if the day comes, and you need help fast, don’t fret. We have the best technicians in the world. 

Now that’s a pretty big claim, we know, but we can back it up. 

Alkota’s Service School 

why does my pressure washer have no pressureFounded in the early eighties, we started our service school. 

Our goal? 

To make sure our dealers and their techs had the skills and confidence to come in and tackle any problem quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively to get you back up and running.

Roger, a recently retired service school trainer, helped form the program, and has taught a mind-blowing number of courses. “We really believe in this program and put a lot of effort into the course, our techs come out able to work on anything,” says Roger. In his time teaching, Roger has seen thousands of students go through, and has taught hundreds of classes. 

We run our service school an average of 3-5 times per year, depending on demand, and they often fill up quickly. A typical class has 20-30 techs and lasts for two and a half days. During classes, techs get updated on the latest innovations, learn hands-on troubleshooting to find the problems quickly, and hone their skills with discussion and strategy with other techs from around the country. 

Upon course completion, techs receive an official certification from Alkota. It’s not just new techs graduating. “We see a lot of repeat students coming through, just wanting to hone skills and stay fresh,” says Roger. 

Our dealers and service dealers are genuinely committed to keeping your machine in top shape. When you buy and Alkota, you’re not just getting a great pressure washer; you’re getting years of experience, training, and service to back you up.

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