Custom Pressure Washer Trailer Features

Hot Water Pressure Washer Customer Trailer

We have built thousands of custom trailers for all sorts of needs and uses. From specialized municipality uses, to trailers constructed to help keep power-generating windmills clean. If you can think it up, we’ve probably built it!

In today’s focus, we want to share some of our unique features, our customer pressure washers can implement.

Custom Paint 

hot water custom pressure washer trailerMost of our trailers are fabricated from the ground up. This allows us to make sure the trailer can handle the weight, and specifications of our customer’s request. One request we get occasionally, but can do with any order is, custom paint color for your pressure washer trailer.

We’ve painted a custom trailer to: match city department colors, match sports teams colors, and even to spice up a trailer.

We don’t stop at paint either. Recently, we sent out a full galvanized pressure washer trailer to the Florida coast. This finish, will resist rust and serve the customer for years to come!

Trailers Built to Spec 

hot water custom pressure washer trailerWhen we work with our customers for their pressure washer trailers needs and requirements, the design process starts with the trailer. It would be easy to grab a pre-built unit and bolt on our equipment. However, that is not the Alkota way.

We custom build our hot water pressure washer trailers to be a perfect fit for: the weight of the equipment, location considerations (muddy fields to narrow alleyways), and the number of users on a machine.

We also take into consideration, does the trailer need to carry water? Will the extra weight require a multiple axle setup? We leave no questions unanswered. When it comes to our pressure washer trailers, we make them last as long as the equipment mounted to it.

Efficiency and Long-Life 

We’ve put a lot of thought into the smallest details on our pressure washing equipment. One of our innovative features is our automatic clutch and bypass system.  Many of our trailers feature long lengths of hose, allowing operators to work as needed without moving the trailer. One issue this presents, is not having quick access to the motors and pumps. When a motor and pump is running without new water flow, sometimes they can overheat, leading to breakdowns, and shorter life spans of the equipment.

Our bypass system knows when a user is off the trigger, and allows water to continue to circulate through the system. This keeps the pump cool and efficient.

Multi-User Designs

hot water custom pressure washer trailerThere is a big difference in a machine with multi-guns hooked up, and a system designed to be used with multiple guns. Ours is the latter when requested.

Loss of pressure is just the beginning, when you start hooking up multiple guns to a machine that is not designed for the load. Our machines feature an automatic clutch, to power up the motor when demand is needed, and slow things down when less pressure is required.

This creates a predictable amount of pressure for the users, and less stress on the equipment and motors.

We’d love to hear about your pressure washer, and how we can design a custom pressure washer, that meets your unique needs. Please use our Find a Dealer tool to start a conversation. We look forward to hearing from you.

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