NEW Gas Fired Hot Water Pressure Washers from Alkota

We are proud to introduce our new and improved line of gas fired hot water pressure washers. We’ve taken your feedback to improve upon an already great design. Furthermore, we have gone through the UL and CSA processes to be the first manufacturer with a gas-fired stationary pressure washer to be approved for UL-60335-1, UL-60335-2-79, CSA 522.2 #60335-1, and E60335-2-79 standards.

This UL listing ensures we comply with the latest standards, giving you the equipment you know is safe and up-to-date for years of service.

As before, this unit can be configured for liquid propane (LP), natural gas or be oil fired (diesel or Kerosene) to easily integrate with your facilities’ utilities. The gas fired series can be ordered in beautiful Alkota orange or in a full stainless steel.

Let’s jump into some of our improvements in this series.

Pressure Washer Upper Cabinet Organization

Gas valve/controls are now on top of the machine rather than below it, making it very easy to access for service. Additionally, we’ve added a gas shut-off valve for more service convenience.

The pump head still faces the cabinet’s opening, allowing for easy service of the pump components. The unloader relief valve is easily accessed. You’ll notice we’ve really focused on ease of service in our NEW gas fired hot water pressure washer line.

top cabinet view of the all new gas fired hot water pressure washer series from Alkota.

New Centrally Located Control Box

The control box includes all the buttons in our remote (more on that in a second). On-off for machine power, manual temp control dial, and push-button start for pump, burner, and soap (if optioned). The hour meter is now standard in this series.

With all the control panel relocation, we’re able to organize all the wiring and attach it to one hinged panel, making it easy to simply open and service or troubleshoot when needed.

detailed view of new control panel on gas fired hot water pressure washer

Easy Access Float Tank

The float tank is now located on the side of the unit. Two easily removable panels allow access to the float tank and connections without getting behind the unit, making it easy to service. The float tank is now mounted to a stainless steel plate, eliminating corrosion or rust from splashing water.

detailed view of easy to access float tank on new gas fired hot water pressure washer

Upgraded Gas Fired Hot Water Pressure Washer Remote Control Box

You will first notice that the controls match the buttons on the main control panel—pump, burner, and soap (if optioned). We’ve taken the guesswork out with a pre-wired control junction box on the back of the machine. Adding a remote option is a breeze and gives you more flexibility on the placement of your gas fired hot water pressure washer.

image of remote for pressure washer with pump, burner and soap buttons

Pressure and Flows For Everyone

The gas-fired series has a variety of pressure and flow configurations to meet your needs. We have machines from 2 to 10 gallons per minute and pressure ratings from 1,100 PSI to 3,500 PSI. See the unit detail page for all configuration options.

More Standard Features

All units come equipped with a pulsation dampener to reduce stress on the coil. Units also have Alkota’s exclusive seven-year coil warranty, an industrial-grade high-efficiency electric motor, and a quality belt-driven tri-plex pump. All units are made in the USA and come with Alkota’s legendary reputation and service.

Jay, our head engineer, walks us through the upgrades on the New Gas Fired Hot Water Pressure Washer from Alkota.

As I am sure you can see, this stationary gas-fired pressure washer is ready to handle whatever cleaning task you throw its way. The Alkota Gas Fired Series is your tried and trustworthy industrial cleaning solution for factories, food production, truck washes, and beyond. Check out our most popular gas-fired model here.

If you’d like to quote, contact your local Alkota distributor. We look forward to hearing from you!

New hot water pressure washer from Alkota feature image

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