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environmentally safe pressure washer detergent

Here at Alkota we pride ourselves on creating products and equipment that not only help you get your toughest cleaning jobs done, but also minimize environmental footprint. We take care to use chemicals that are tough on grime but not on mother nature. This is part of our mission to be Alkota Green.

One way we shrink our carbon footprint is by manufacturing our hot water pressure washers, steam pressure washers, and cold pressure washers all right here in the USA. We don’t stop there. Alkota also provides solutions for waste water collection. Often the machines and equipment we clean are covered with substances that can harm and pollute soil, plants, and natural water sources. This is where our waste water recovery and waste water processing units come into play. We even have evaporating systems for your dirtiest clean ups. It’s our goal to help you get your equipment clean without transferring the mess elsewhere.

Chemicals and Detergents

environmentally safe pressure washer detergentMost of our jobs start with our proprietary chemicals, to help get things cleaner, quicker. The chemicals used to treat different types of projects are specially designed for the task at hand. Take a look at a few of our products below.


Great for difficult cleaning projects. Leaves an extremely clean surface that is free rinsing. Ideal for cars, trucks, fifth wheel, and most cleaning surfaces.

This detergent is a non-hazardous biodegradable additive to use in Hot or Cold Water Washers or as a pre-spray.


For use in heavy-duty degreasing and cleaning. Releases the natural power of citrus to dissolve grease, grime and tough dirt. Neutral PH degreaser and detergent booster. Ideal for commercial trucks, road vehicles and machinery.

This product uses natural citrus as a degreaser and is non-hazardous, and biodegradable to use in Hot or Cold Water Washers or as a pre-spray.


Our most popular cleaner. Effective solvent package for powering through heavy cleaning and degreasing problems. Includes Rust and Corrosion inhibitors.  Ideal for painted vehicle surfaces, plastics, and metals.

This detergent is a non-hazardous and biodegradable


One of the strongest aluminum brighteners on the market. It is highly dilatable, and very economical to use. In only one application, it can make aluminum look brand new, while bringing back the luster and sheen it once had. Very effective in removing smoke, carbon, grease, oils, pollutants and built-up road film. DO NOT use on glass, new aluminum or polished aluminum.


This detergent is a Corrosive Liquid and ships as Hazardous Material.

Water Treatment and RecoveryWater Treatment Pressure Washer

What’s even cooler, is that Alkota has created water treatment systems and equipment that can recycle and reuse water. Check out a few of those machines below.

Enter the MWVFS

The MWVFS (Mobile Water Vacuum Filtration System) can pressure wash, recover, treat, and reuse the water, making the unit environmentally friendly. The MWVFS features the proven VFS-1 (Vacuum Filtration System) along with vacuum tools and accessories to contain and minimize water runoff with zero discharge to storm drain.

Say Hello to Alkota CSF Water Treatment System

Here at Alkota we have worked with water conservation and environmental regulations to limit discharge of pressure washers and steam cleaners. The CSF system recovers waste wash water from wash pads and treats for reuse in the pressure washer. It is a closed loop system preventing discharge to city sanitary and storm drains.

Have dirty water that is too dirty to dispose?

Alkota has created Evaporating Systems. Operating on LP or natural gas, this system is clean burning, quiet and can be used almost anywhere. Plus, this helps reduce the costly expense of finding a way to dispose that dirty water.

Here at Alkota we are always innovating ways to help the environment while also keeping our equipment and products Alkota Strong. Want to learn more? See why the industry leader in commercial cleaning chooses Alkota Clean Systems.

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