Make Your own winter wonderland with an Alkota Pressure Washer

Pressure Washer Winter

Have you ever seen videos of people tossing hot water into the cold temperatures, only for a heavy dusting of snow to fall on that individual rather than water?

What creates this winter wonderland phenomenon?

Simply put, science. Boiling water temperatures are close to the evaporating line. How? Water droplets become so incredibly hot that they start to evaporate. Cold air cannot hold as much water vapor as the warm season can. That means cold temperatures freezes the droplets from boiling water creating the “winter wonderland” effect.

Why Alkota Hot Water Pressure Washer?

Instead of using other methods that are short term, with a pressure washer you can create a decent “Winter Wonderland” for longer stretches. That, paired with our reliability and 24/7 customer care, makes it a great machine not only to clean, but to have a little fun during those cold winter elements.

The next time you are outside, and are looking for a bit of fun, take out the pressure washer.


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