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Alkota - Meet Scott

As of October 1, we welcomed a new president to Alkota Cleaning Systems, Inc.

Though he’s new to this role, Scott Hansen has been with Alkota since 2004, when he began in the inside sales department. 

Throughout his time with our team, Hansen has gained experience in several departments. As president, he looks forward to the opportunity to develop relationships and understanding between all departments, to implement positive change.


Hailing from the small town of Coleridge, Nebraska, Hansen’s father was a banker and his mother was a special education teacher. His grandparents were farmers, and Hansen says he spent plenty of time on the farm as a kid.

A longtime sports enthusiast, Hansen played basketball for the University of South Dakota where he got his undergraduate degree in Business Management. After graduating, he spent a year as the golf pro at Minnehaha Country Club in Sioux Falls, and then went on to pursue graduate studies in Management Information Systems at USD.

Hansen also met his wife, Angela, at USD. She works as an occupational therapist for the educational service unit, just across the border in Nebraska.

Scott and Angela live in Burbank, South Dakota with their two sons, Carter (12) and Trey (10). Like their dad, the boys enjoy being involved in sports, and in his spare time, Hansen actually coaches their football and basketball teams.

Hansen’s Role at Alkota

After several years in inside sales, Hansen was promoted to Regional Sales Manager for the mid-east territory in 2013. Not long after, in 2016, he became Alkota’s first Vice President for Marketing.

As Hansen transitions into his new role, our former president, Gary Scott, plans to stay on board for a few months assist with any questions or adjustments. Hansen is eager to guide Alkota toward continued growth.

He plans to do so by strengthening relationships with employees and distributors. One of the most unique things about Alkota, says Hansen, is the longevity of many of our employees, many of whom have been around for 35-40 years. 

“Our biggest strength is our people and our distributors,” he said. “We can’t exist without them. It feels like a family.”

For Hansen, a typical day will consist of communicating with customers and employees, attending staff meetings, and analyzing sales performance and production for potential improvements.

“I’m just really excited to get going in this role,” he said. “I’m trying to continue with the success we’ve had in the past, to build on that, and make slow steady improvements over time.”

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