Pressure Switch vs. Flow Switch

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Alkota has compiled a vast list of questions we receive often, and thought we would share them in an article. One such question is the difference between pressure switches versus flow switches. So, today on the blog we are discussing just that matter.

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What’s the Difference?

Pressure Switches are activated when you reach a certain pressure: between 500-700 PSI. When the pressure meets this threshold, the switch is used to activate the burner for hot water. These switches are the most reliable solution for engine driven hot water pressure washer machines. These switches are great for heavy duty uses.
Flow Switches are activated by the recognition of water flow. The pressure is usually lighter, lower than 500 PSI. About 1-2 gallons of water pushes through before the switch activates. These switches are great for lower hot water pressure applications. 
Both these switches can be utilized as part of gas engine hot water machines. Deciding between the two is understanding what your needs are for the application. 

Common Troubleshooting

Switches come with their issues and can fail, when the switch doesn’t activate the burner will not function. However, it is not always the switch, but we do have an answer for diagnosing if it is.
Trouble with your burner?
Your switch may not be activating. Either you are not reaching enough pressure (Pressure Switch), or not enough water is flowing through (Flow Switch). These switches are just part of the pressure washer system.  
If you are having trouble deciding what is best for you, or trouble fixing your problem.  Contact your local dealer.

Third Switch

A Vacuum switch is another option, but this one requires a float tank. These switches insure you have good flow to prevent damage to your machine. The safety of these switches is: No flow, no vacuum.
Many Alkota machines with heating systems will have a Vacuum switch.
If you are on the search for switches for your machine, contact Alkota today.
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