Pressure Washers Made in the Heartland

pressure washer made in usa

For over 35 years Alkota Cleaning Systems has been creating quality hot and cold pressure washer equipment with the services to back up our products and innovations to keep improving.

Alkota products are all assembled in Alcester, South Dakota, right in the heartland; in fact, it’s our name-sake – ‘Al’ for Alcester and ‘Kota’ for South Dakota.

Commitment to Quality

The commitment we have to our products is second to none. By keeping our assembly local, we can assure we meet our client’s expectations. Even as our distribution grown to Europe and around the world, we have been proud to keep our operations right here in the USA.

Our customers have become accustomed to our excellent quality and service. Quality is non-negotiable, we look to continue to build durable, simple, innovative, and dependable equipment as long as there is a need. Since there is no shortage of dirt and grime, we think we’ll have a market for some time yet!

Grit and Innovation

We subscribe to the idea that America is the world leader in manufacturing innovation and technologies; we are second to none when it comes to taking ideas to reality. We have the top talent and look forward to tackling your problems head-on with the grit only Americans understand.

Friendly “Hometown” Support

pressure washer made in usaGrowth over 35 years. (Photo Credit Right: Joe Zweifel)

We are experts on all our products because we engineered them down to the smallest screw. When you have an issue or need a new solution, you can go right to the source to get the information you need to get back up and running or start on a solution for your original idea. We want to help you get the most out of your investment to keep curbing grime.

You have choices when it comes to buying an industrial grade pressure washer. We hope you choose an Alkota. We’d love to have you join the family.

Ready to experience an Alkota pressure washer first hand? Find your local dealer!

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