PSA: Have your checked your Fuel Filter?

hot water pressure washer burner troubleshooting

Fuel filters on hot water pressure washers are one of the most important pieces to make sure your pressure washer is running at 100%. Check out these tips to keep things running smoothly. 

The Importance of a Fuel Filter

Fuel filters are essential for hot water machines. These parts help to keep bad fuel and water from getting into the burner. They are easy to install and service if needed. It is recommended that fuel filters be checked once a week.

If you are storing your pressure washer away for months at a time, it is recommended to replace the fuel filter before use again.

Common Fuel Filter Problems

Is your machine having problems running efficiently? We talked with some of our experts here at Alkota to answer those common questions.

Burner won’t Ignite?

This is caused by a couple of options.

1. The fuel filter could be plugged causing issues with the fuel flow and possibly ruining the fuel pump.

2. There could be an issue with debris and water getting into the fuel pump as well.

Nozzle not working effectively?

We suggest taking a look at the nozzle. There could be build up within the nozzle.

External Filters

If your machine has an external filter and is having issues, this one is easier to service and check.

We recommend getting in the habit of checking filters that have a water separator installed. These filters have a bowl down at the bottom. They have another piece where water can be drained. Make sure those are clear before using the machine.

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