The Alkota Jetter System: Built Tough

Did you know that you can change your Alkota Industrial Pressure Washer into a Sewer Jetter System saving you hundreds of dollars?!

What is JetterPressure Wash Jetter Parts

A jetter system can be as simple as adding a jetter nozzle to your existing pressure washer, or you can buy a complete set of jetter accessories such as: hand-carry reels (P/N Reel-2100358) and pulsation foot valves (P/N Z09-00057).

You can also purchase a specialized 50ft ¼” jetter hose (ex. P/N Z09-00202). Jetter Hoses have a smooth exterior covering that allows them to move down the pipe much easier than a traditional pressure washer hose with a rough exterior. A typical jetter will range from 2 GPM @ 1500 psi up to 8 GPM @ 4000 psi. The Alkota Jetters will take care of the simple pipe clogs, from root and grease clogs, to more challenging situations.

Jetter Nozzles

Jetter nozzles come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and spray patterns.  You can get them with rotating configurations from 1/8” sizes up to ½” depending on the machine’s volume and pressure. Jetter Nozzles are available in various volumes and pressures. The nozzle will feed and pull itself along with the hose through the pipe to unclog your obstructed area.  When figuring what to use for a jetter nozzle please consult an expert at your local distributorship for details on what will work best for your applications.

Foot Valves

Foot Valve works just like a trigger gun only is controlled by your foot, allowing you to free up your hands to help feed the hose, and jetter nozzle to your troubled drain clog or obstruction.  The foot valve lets you give the obstruction a pulsation effect. Simply tap your foot, stopping and starting, cutting through the clog in your piping.

Jetter Hoses

Jetter Hose is another simple, inexpensive, and effective tool to help you break through your drain & sewer pipe problems.  Jetter hose slides easily into drains, drain pipes, and water lines. The hose allows flexible cornering in tight spots, and has a smooth exterior finish with a tough exterior coating. Pressure ratings are available up to 4,800 PSI. The hose will vary from 1/8” to ½” depending on what you are working on.

Hand Carry Hose Reels

Hand Carry Hose Reels are a great way to carry your hose to the jetter project that you are working on.  The hand-carry reel allows you to deliver a high-pressure jetting process without having to bring the entire pressure washer machine in through a living or office space.  The reel offers convenience without back-breaking pain of all the equipment needed to complete the task at hand.

JPressure Washer Jetter Valveetter Valve

Jetter Valve is another handy add-on that will help you unclog a drain.  What a pulsation valve does is give your water flow constant pulsations. You simply replace the center valve cap on the triplex Pump, improving nozzle movement in the pipeline with pulsation. This is a simple and effective tool that will save you both time and money.  This valve is rated for a maximum of 3500 psi.

Pressure Washer Jetters

As you get more into the jetting process, and this becomes your main line of business, or jetting has become more serious, please consider our full line of industrial Jetting Equipment. Alkota has a few different models to consider when looking at jetters. Please give us a call or consult your local Alkota distributor.

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