Why Choose An Alkota Pressure Washer

Hot Pressure Washer

You know you need an industrial hot pressure washer, but which brand should you buy?

There are a lot of reasons we feel confident that Alkota is the right pressure washer for your job. But before you think we are just tooting our own horn around here, you should understand that each of these reasons come right from the mouths of the people who count most: our customers.

Read on to discover why you should choose an Alkota pressure washer.

Alkota Expertise

Since 1964 our team of engineers and product developers have years of experience in the cleaning industry. We love innovation and making new products, but we also value experience, knowledge, and practical hands-on experience and improving our current product line.

We surround ourselves with experts who truly eat, breathe, and sleep pressure washers. In fact, we’re pretty sure that some of our team may even dream about them.

Because we value expertise, we work hard to retain our team. This means that we have the highest longevity in the pressure washer business. Some of our engineers have been working for us for over 50 years. If you bring us an idea or a problem, know that there are many years of combined pressure washer experience informing our solutions.

Alkota’s Quality

If you notice, we don’t have a used equipment page on our website. There is a reason for that. Our machines are still out there working hard. We’ve had requests for manuals on units that were built over three decades ago.

In face we recently heard from a customer whose 10-year-old equipment took a beating when he flipped his truck. The Alkota equipment still fired right up.

When you buy an Alkota pressure washer, you’re buying quality and longevity. It is an investment in the future of your business.  Alkota Cleaning Systems is ISO 9001:2015 Certified. ISO certification affirms an international set of standards and guidelines for proper company processes.

Alkota’s Distributor Network

We have a worldwide network of dealers who sell and service our Alkota equipment. But we don’t just ship them the equipment, cut them a deal, and wish them the best. We pride ourselves in the extensive education we provide our dealers. Education about the basics of pressure washers, maintenance, troubleshooting, product features, and more.

This isn’t a one time education. We encourage our distributors through regular visits from our sales team who continue the education and troubleshooting. In addition, we have a customer service department that helps our distributors to answer any additional questions from our end users.

We don’t sell from our corporate office because we believe in the power of relationships. It is important for our customers to know that there is a local expert on their machine, no matter where they are located.

Alkota’s Simplicity

At Alkota we don’t believe that simplicity should mean low quality. There is no reason that machines need to be complicated to do their job well, amen?

Our machines are built with high quality materials the old-fashioned way, by hand. We assemble them right here in the heart of the USA, so that you know you’re getting an American-built machine.

Custom Pressure Washer

We have a wide network of distributors and dealers who service our equipment, but because the machines are built simply, you’ll find that you can usually diagnose and fix little things yourself.

When you’re in the middle of an important job, you don’t need a simple repair to throw off your whole day. Our machines are built to be used, and easily fixed, on the job.

Alkota’s Custom Pressure Washers and Trailers

If you want a machine painted Texas burnt orange, we can do that. If you want a 65 gallon a minute 6,000 PSI machine with four wands, we can do that too. While many companies shy away from custom projects, we encourage them.

Your machines need to do specific jobs, and do those jobs well. Our years of expertise allow us to customize a pressure washer design that can get your job done efficiently, safely, and simply. That is part of why we lead the pack in custom designs, including helping with an arctic drilling project.

If you can dream it, we can help build it.

How It is Made Pressure Washer

Are You Ready For The Next Step?

If you’re looking for a pressure washer, custom pressure washer, custom trailer, or steam cleaner that will be a true work horse and get the job done every time, you’ve come to the right place.

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